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Official Press Statement from Pakistan Green Party

The Pakistan Green Party demands that the US administration stop the drone attacks inside the Pakistani territory because nine hundred civilians have been killed and many more injured, including children and old people. In addition, these attacks have forced more than a million people to migrate from these areas to different parts of Pakistan. These people end up living in refugee camps in Peshawar and other cities without having any support from government of Pakistan or any international aid agency. This situation has created very difficult political problems in Pakistan. On one hand, Pakistan is paying a heavy cost to be a friend of Unites States of American in its War on Terror ,and on the other hand the American administration demands more. It is tragic that Pakistan is targeted by terrorist from Afghanistan while American forces are attacking it. The American administration is not strengthening the Pakistan government by these drone attacks; instead they create public resentment against both the Pakistan government and Americans.
Therefore we demand that the American government stop the drone attacks in Pakistan immediately and start relief and resettlement programs for those affected and compensate them through all ways and.

We also demand that the international community start peace talks with all local forces in Pakistan and Afghanistan to find peaceful solutions to problems , especially to address the root causes of the problems. The US administration should treat all countries in the region equally and put political pressure on India to solve the Kashmir issues with Pakistan , a major cause of tension in region.

The US administration must provide unconditional funding, investing in the economic development of Pakistan which it has lost the aid it used to receive from the international community. It is clear that more support is needed in the social sector if the people of Pakistan are to be empowered.

Issued by: Pakistan Green Party on 23rd of April 2009.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I ( left) am receiving book “honesty is the best policy” written by  Mr.Manzoor Ahmed Memon (US based columnist , author and entrepreneur ), Mr.Memon wrote book on his memories . He also served as advisor to Houston Mayor .

Liaquat Ali Shaikh ,Co-Speaker Pakistan Green Party

US Tour, April 7-28, 2009 

April 07-14: Houston and Austin, Texas

7th April :

·          Arrival and receive by Mr.Akhar Abbas .Pakistani American Community leader

8th April :

·          Meeting with Pakistani American community , headed by Mr.Manzoor Ahmed Memon . well known writer and political analysts.

·          Participating  in Greenwatch LIVE TV Talk show “Geopolitics of South Asia”

9th April :

·          Reception by Pakistani American community

10th  April :

·          Meeting with Pakistani Consulate General Mr.Muhammad Aqil Nadeem at Houston

·          Visit “House of Charity” office and meeting staff and head of Charity Ms.Hasmat Afandi

·          Reception by Harris county Green Party

11th April ;

·          Arrival at Austin and dinner with local friend

12th :

·          Meeting with Pakistani American Community  Leaders

·          Reception of Austin Green Party

 13th April ;

Visit University of Taxes and back to Houston

14th April:

15th -17th  New  Orleans  

 15th and 16th April 10,

·          Event with local Greens

·          Tour of post-Katrina New Orleans

April  17th-20th  Chicago

18th April :

·          Participating in Illinois Green Party state meeting

19th and 20th April

·          Meeting with Pakistani American community and free time .

April 21-24: Washington, DC

21st April

·          Arrives at DC

22nd and 24th

·          Evening Reception with DC Greens, coordinated by DC Greens.

·          Visit to GPUS office, meeting GPUS staff Emily Citkowski, Brent McMillan.

·          Media Interviews at GPUS Office.

April 25: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

·          Dinner with local Greens and deliver gust speech

April 26-28: New York City

·          Meet with local Greens and also Pakistani American Community

·          Departure from USA

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